Documentary movie about the Alsace Grand Crus. Made by Sergey Tsoller. Spoken language is French, English version is going to be aired in 2018. Also, this version was aired on the 22nd of September 2017.

When I heard of this documentary, I was extremely happy and excited. Someone finally made a high quality moving picture about the Alsace region. As you might know, I was raised with going to the region every year, for years on end. And so I needed to see it. The poster about the movie already was very positive for me, the colours of the region in supposedly autumn.

As for the documentary itself, it shows very clearly how beautiful the Grand Crus are and how diverse they are. The different grape varieties, soil types, micro climates, but most of all: the people. What I noticed, was that the people behind the wine are very important here. They are pictured here as extremely important, as they obviously are. What I liked a lot about this, is that it is very honest. Despite the fact that the way of filming is very romantic and the colours heightened to express the true colours of the region, honesty on the hard work that the winemakers do, is very present. Winemakers like Ostertag, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Schlumberger, Albert Mann, Binner, Frick and many more. Many of which, I have tasted the wines, and with the help of this documentary, these wines carry an even more beautiful story to it.

It pretty much is a look into the heart and soul of the winemaker and their wines. This documentary is again proof of the fact that wine is alive. Needless to say, I am a fan!

“Des lieux d’energie qui enfantent des vins avec un ame”.

“The wines with soul are the children of places of energy”.