The city of Ribeauvillé

The town of Ribeauvillé is one of the most famous Alsatian towns, and home to one of the best. As for the first producer that I want to name, is Trimbach. This high quality producer is well-known for their Riesling and Gewürztraminer. The house itself is also rather lovely with very typical German-like building style. Only two streets over, we find Louis Sipp. This producer offers very good wines, but on a very fair price. And they produce a very nice Pinot Noir and also high quality Riesling. 

Let me take you on a tour through Ribeauvillé, When we drive through town, we first see those three ruins, on a mountain that is just behind town. These are called the "Trois Chateaux". This is a hike that tourists often make. But the town itself has its beauties as well. There is the gate of the town. Which is the icon of touristic Ribeauvillé. That nice german-like architecture is obviously all throughout Alsace, in Ribeauvillé we see a nice balance between old and new. A few churches and one monastery. In terms of gastronomy, there are some lovely restaurants that serve the Alsatian kitchen with their magnificent wines. 

Another producer of Ribeauvillé is Kientzler, their domaine is located on a hill and has magnificent view on the villages situated lower. They own parts of the following Grand Crus: Kirchberg, Osterberg, Schoenenbourg and Geisberg. Most importantly being Kirchberg, producing a really good Riesling every single vintage. Something special that they do as well, is produce Cremant d'Alsace. In this case, one produced with 100% Auxerrois. This also is a non-dosage cremant, making it very elegant. Auxerrois is not the best grape of the region, but this is an excellent example of how it can be used to produce quality wine.