Freyburger Bergheim Goldesch 2012

Alsatian wines are perhaps my ultimate favourite. This is, because my close relationship with the region. I have been going there ever since I was tiny and unaware of the beauty of wine. And for this partticular producer, I have known them for several years, tasting their different vintages. 

Goldesch, a blend of Riesling, Muscat and Gewürztraminer, makes it a well balanced wine. With the highest percentage of Riesling. Freyburger mostly produces single grape wines, but they are really good at this kind of style. 

For the aroma of this wine, we find some Gewürztraminer kind of characteristics, the lychee, peach, pear, pineapple and a bit of honeysuckle. But the Riesling has its share as well, their is the citric aromas, green apple and almond. When we take a sip, we initially get a bunch of sweetness in the form of lychee, pineapple and peach. And later, the acidity comes through with lemon and orange. The balance is good, the acidity is very pleasant. 

What I ate with this wine, was White Asparagu a la Flamande. I mostly drink Muscat with this dish, but this is a very good alternative.